"From Paddock to Palate" | A Winemaker's Vision

Point Bush Estates

Point Bush Estates was established in 2000 and is a pioneer of wine growing in the South Canterbury region. Boldly stepping into terroir that was unexplored as a potential for producing top quality aromatic white wines and Pinot Noir.

Fruit is grown on its estate vineyard beneath the Hunters Hills in the South Canterbury plains. Wines are showcased through the onsite Wine Tasting Room and Vines Restaurant. 

As a family owned and operated wine growing business we are extremely proud of our goal to produce wine with our ‘Paddock to Palate’ concept in mind at all times 



Gary Dennison at Point Bush Estates

Point Bush Estate's winery facility was opened in 2006. This production facility was the brainchild of proprietor and winemaker Gary Dennison's engineering background. This has allowed our wines to be produced with our 'Paddock to Palate' ideology in mind. Hand picked fruit is transported less than 500m from source to facility. Fruit is sorted in the vineyard and handled into the conveyor belt transport immediately upon reaching the winery.




Our fruit is tended to straight away to preserve the unique flavour and minerality showcased through our estate wine range. The winery facility focuses on small scale boutique wine production with a range of 8000 to 10,000 bottles of estate grown wines annually. Our wines are made as single block specialties in order to offer the purest form of premium wine reflecting our South Canterbury terroir.



Grapevines at Point Bush Estate

Specific vintages are targeted for any fruit sourced from selected external blocks which allows our winemaker to choose the best fruit the Canterbury wine growing region has to offer from season to season. As a result our focus on fruit quality and concentrated flavour allows both our white and red wines to cellar beautifully. 






Bottling at Point Bush EstatesThe 'Paddock to Palate' ideology continues after winemaking, with our winery facility equipped to bottle our vintages and label all our wines.  We cellar our wines on site, Pinot Noir is aged on french oak in two underground cellars attached to the winery. This again allows our wine to be nurtured through the ageing process with our winemaker keeping a close eye on each vintage throughout its life in the winery. 



Our Grapes

We are located in a microclimate, elevated at 150m above sea level on a north facing ridge of the Hunters Hills. Vines are aligned north-south to maximise ripening making best use of the golden South Canterbury summers. This provides a uniqe frost-free micro-climate, with excellent drainage off the ridge.

The terroir of South Canterbury is synonymous with fruit. The vineyard location was historically used for market gardening and grazing land. The first vine plantings were made in 2002 to create the initial Point Bush Estates block.

These first plantings comprised 1Ha of Pinot Noir in Burghundian inspired close vine and row spacing using clones 115, 667 and 777; and 1Ha of Pinot Gris using clone GM198-19. In 2004 a further 1/3 ha Sauvignon Blanc block was planted on the estate. 


Grapevines at Point Bush Estates